Principles of High Performance

How to Achieve Outstanding Results in Your Business

“High Performing organizations are enterprises that over time continue to produce outstanding results with the highest level of human satisfaction and commitment to success.” – Ken Blanchard, Leading at a Higher Level

It is tough out there. Aggressive competition, sophisticated customers, new technologies, smart employees, global markets, an economic crisis, etc. demand that companies rethink the way they do business. Many organizations are floundering, even failing.

However, the good news is that others are changing the way they operate and are getting tremendous results. Research proves that companies organized by principles of High Performance outlast and outperform their more traditional counterparts.

Features of High Performance

  • Clear business strategy that brings value to customers and differentiates from competitors
  • Leaders who unleash capability rather than control
  • Mission and values that inspire people and bring out their best
  • Efficient processes and procedures
  • Structure and systems aligned to strategy and customer service (rather than protecting turf)
  • Positive culture of knowledgeable and engaged employees who solve problems when and where they occur
  • Smart about the implementation and use of technology
  • Nimble, responsive to environment and able to manage change
  • Work units and teams empowered with responsibility for success
  • Open communication and information-sharing

Most people would agree with the underlying philosophy of high performance. The question is how to make it work.

We help organization members and leaders understand the principles of high performance. We open up a conversation that gets people on the same page so they can begin building a comprehensive blue print or master plan to grow and develop their organization.

Through this program, you will:

  • Participate in a dynamic, fun and enlightening simulation to experience what it is like to be part of a high performance organization.
  • Learn how high performance organizations differ from traditional organizations and measure your organization on a number of high performance criteria.
  • Participate in a high energy, interactive game that helps you understand the importance of trust and win-win interactions in building a high performance organization.
  • Learn tools and identify action plans to help your organization become high performing.


  • Anyone committed to building a high performance organziation
  • Leaders and managers
  • Groups of employees


  • One day

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