Emotional Intelligence

A Plan for Personal Success

Achieve personal mastery as you transcend challenges and learn the secrets of soaring to new heights.

“…private victories precede public victories. Making and keeping promises to ourselves precedes making and keeping promises to others.” -Stephen R. Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Successful people are emotionally mature. In fact, research has proven that emotional maturity is more highly correlated with success than IQ. People who are emotionally mature step up to challenges and opportunities with courage, wisdom and the determination to win the public and private victories.

The emotionally mature person is present and awake. They notice what is going on within and around them. They are able to make positive choices in the “key moments” of life. They live with purpose and intent. They have a clear vision of what they want and are grounded in a set of principles of personal conduct. They are effective in working with others, able to experience empathy and work through situations to win-win outcomes.

Each moment of our lives provides an opportunity to learn and practice emotional maturity as we expand our visions, awaken the faculties of our minds and our hearts, and assume full responsibility for living, growing and contributing.

What You Can Expect

People who attend this program will learn principles and behaviors that will change the way they view their lives as well as their performance on the job. They will grow in self-understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness, and their ability to handle the challenges/opportunities of the workplace. Such personal transformation forms the foundation for organizational transformation.

Those Who Attend Will:

  • Learn a paradigm of personal effectiveness that defines success as what happens within you rather than what happens to you.
  • Discover power and fulfillment as you keep your focus on what you can control instead of wasting time resenting, complaining, wishing, and blaming.
  • See how your success and quality of life come from choices you make, and learn to act rather than react to the events of your life.
  • Learn how to conquer and transcend the challenges of life by changing your thinking, feelings and behavior.
  • Know what you want and the steps that you must take to achieve it.
  • Create a personal mission statement and those principles by which you will govern yourself.
  • Translate your purpose and vision into reality and make your day-to-day actions consistent with what is most important.
  • Make a decision to care for yourself, accept your weaknesses and acknowledge and build upon your strengths.

The program can be taught as a retreat or over time. You can also select the most important modules for members of your organization or teach the program in its entirety, depending on your needs and resources. People who attend will increase their personal effectiveness at home and on the job.


  • Leadership, managers and supervisors
  • All employees


  • Two or two-and-a-half days, or
  • Modules delivered in three to four hour segments over several weeks

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