The Trust Factor: Creating Win/Win Relationships

Dramatically increase your effectiveness with others as you learn the principles and skills of trust and interpersonal dialogue.

“…for trust is at the core of all business activity; virtually all economic activity is carried out by groups of people who depend on each other.” -Robert Bruce Shaw, Trust in the Balance

When trust is absent, relationships are characterized by an adversarial attitude: me vs. you; us vs. them. Rather than goodwill, there are deep and hidden animosities. Respect is lost and our performance is compromised as our energies go into manipulation and protection rather than working together towards a shared vision.

We believe that the most successful organizations of the 21st century will be those that know how to create a climate of trust and goodwill among their employees.

What You Will Gain:

In this program, you will learn how to interact with others in ways that build trust and win/win outcomes. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn the core elements of trust.
  • Identify how we engage in collusive, weakening patterns of relating to others.
  • Learn how to break out of collusive patterns.
  • View others in a way that promotes unity, trust, and goodwill.
  • Understand how to create safe and trusting conditions in which people can be open and honest.
  • Learn how to surface and resolve hidden animosities and resentments that prevent good working relationships.
  • Know how to use skills in interpersonal dialogue to build a pool of shared understanding before solving problems.
  • Develop the ability to confront poor performance and behavior problems.
  • Commit to interacting with others in strengthening rather than weakening ways.

Structure and Format:

The Trust Factor consists of eight modules that are delivered in either a two-day format or over a number of weeks. The training comes alive as you participate in experiential exercises and role-playing that help you internalize the principles and skills that are taught.


  • Supervisors, managers and leaders
  • All employees


  • Two or two-and-a-half days, or
  • Modules delivered in three to four hour segments over several weeks

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