Skills for High Performance Teamwork

Create a positive atmosphere in which people work together collaboratively

A new science is about to be born—the new marketing—in which we learn that the brand of an organization is not its external reputation or advertising, but the relationships it nurtures and enjoys inside.” -Lance Secretan, Inspire! What Great leaders Do

People in organizations are highly interdependent. Most of what we accomplish is through working with others.

The new workplace—with its virtual teams, diversity, multiple generations, web of technological and organizational complexity, complicated structures, and rapidly changing internal and external environments—requires the ability of people to communicate and collaborate as never before.

Skills for High Performance Teamwork was created to help people achieve new levels of collaboration, communication and teamwork.

Discover the Benefits of Collaboration

The program will give team members the communication, discussion, and decision-making skills they need to build and maintain a positive social environment. Only in a positive social atmosphere can people work at their full capability and achieve synergy with others.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The basics of perception, listening, and two-way interpersonal communication.
  • How to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • To look below the surface and understand and improve how a group really operates.
  • To conduct discussions and make effective decisions.
  • A model and skills for defining and solving social and technical problems.
  • To handle conflicts openly and honestly, while seeking win/win solutions.
  • How to improve their personal productivity and use of time.


Skills for High Performance Teamwork consists of eight modules that can be taught individually or together. Each module contains several exercises and structured experiences to make the training come alive and ensure back- home application.

Target Audience

The modules are for anyone who wants to improve their communication and collaboration skills. We often recommend that team members attend together to support each other in practicing the skills in their day-to-day interactions.


  • Teams throughout the organization
  • All employees


  • Eight three-hour modules over time

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