Developing a Competitive Strategy

Create or update your mission, vision, values, strategy and goals

“If the answers to ‘future’ questions are not significantly different than the ‘today’ answers, there is little chance that a company will remain a market leader.”
Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad, Competing for the Future

The complexity and speed of the marketplace, global competition, new technologies, sophisticated consumers and the ups and downs of the economy demand that leaders continually reinvent how they do business.

Responding to these challenges by doing what you’ve done in the past is like driving forward by looking into the rearview mirror. Companies that succeed and become market leaders welcome change and renew themselves by aligning with current and future realities.

Core Strategic Decisions:

Strategy is how an organization positions itself to complete in the marketplace. It is of a set of conscious choices about how leaders will meet challenges, take advantage of opportunities, deliver value to their customers, and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

We guide your leaders (and other key stakeholders) through a process to:

  • Assess the changing landscape, challenges, and opportunities in your external environment.
  • Identify assumptions about the future, as well as their probability and impact.
  • Determine the customer segments you best serve, what they value, how you’ll reach them, and the end-result benefits you’ll provide them.
  • Identify your core organizational competencies and how to leverage them in the long run.
  • Stake out your playing field by creating a long-term business focus and how you differentiate from your competitors.
  • Create a balanced scorecard and set performance targets.
  • Establish performance initiatives and a master plan to manage your organization’s long-term development.
  • Clarify your core ideology, a unique mission that motivates and inspires, as well as guiding principles around which you want to build your culture.

An Imperative:
Most organizations eventually die because they fail to adapt to the changing demands of the external environment. Formulating a clear and compelling strategy is among the most important work that leaders of an organization can accomplish.

Our strategy planning process begins with doing research and gathering information and then coming together in an atmosphere of open dialogue to make these decisions. We encourage that key decisions be summarized in three to four pages that can then be shared with all employees so everyone knows where the company is headed and how they are going to help it get there.

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