Our Process – The Seven Phases of Organizational Design

Here is a high-level peek at our organizational design process. We’ve refined this process in our work with dozens of companies through 25 + years of consulting experience. We don’t come in as experts of your business or industry. We partner with you in each of these steps, enabling you to make the critical decisions about your organizations future. The process is not rigid. We adapt it to your particular needs, resources and business situation.

Develop Charter
• Establish Project Charter
• Conduct snapshot assessment
• Educate leaders
• Commission design team
• Begin change management strategies

Create Strategy
• Scan external environment
• Assess current mission, vision, values, strategy, goals
• Establish core ideology
• Set future vision, strategy
• Create balanced scorecard

• Analyze processes, structure, systems, and culture
• Report out to steering team
• Continue change management strategies

• Establish design guidelines
• Define business model
• Redesign processes, structure, systems and culture
• Verify the design
• Report out to steering team

• Commission implementation team
• Flesh out design recommendations
• Create detailed implementation plans
• Train people in new roles/skills
• Reconfigure equipment, work-space

• Go live
• Monitor progress
• Implement new organizational structure
• Continue change management strategies

Evaluate & Renew
• Assess performance against balanced scorecard
• Make adjustments to design
• Continue training leaders and employees

There are two parallel processes essential to your success as you go through the design process.

Executive team development is giving the organization’s top leaders the support they need to successfully guide and manage the design process. This often includes helping them clarify their leadership philosophy, shared core work and how they work together to manage business results. We offer coaching and team development activities to strengthen their ability to build a positive and sustainable organizational culture.

Change management is preparing all employees to embrace and succeed in the new organization. Many change initiatives fail because they don’t give enough attention to people, who ultimately do the work of an organization and make it succeed. We commission a change management team to assess organizational readiness and provide this team with tools to overcome resistance and positively engage employees as contributing partners in implementing your new design and achieving business success.