Your Company’s Stimulus Plan

Infusions of cash and capital will come as consumer/investor confidence recovers, but what measures will you take to revitalize morale and an environment of trust within your company? The economy’s damage to your bottom line seems obvious enough. What about the damage to employees’ relationships with their leaders and coworkers?

Did the last few years replace cooperation and initiative with indifference? How can you put the trauma behind you and ensure the company and your team generate optimistic momentum?

Three Things You Can Do to Rebuild Morale Within Your Company

Call Out Individual Contributions
Many people within your company made many sacrifices – acknowledge and reward them publicly. Some of your people shouldered the workload of two or three positions amid layoffs and hiring freezes. Others relinquished hoped-for promotions and raises to remain in their positions and serve effectively. You know their names. Be sure everyone else does too.

Reestablish Your Vision
The mantra of simple financial survival displaced lofty mission statements. Reengage your employees with the idea that money comes as a byproduct of delivering worthwhile information, products and services to those who need them. Employees hunger for optimism and renewed purpose.

Get Back to Work
As a leader or manager, redoubling your efforts to achieve goals for the company (improving sales revenue, increasing production, etc.) will communicate your optimism for the future. Many people have allowed their work ethics to wane because of perceived futility. Shatter that misperception with commitment to better quality and quantity of results. When your team sees you invest renewed energy pursuing the company’s goals, they’ll know you intend to ride the leading edge of the economic upturn.

The Promise

Investing the time and energy to do these things will return tangible results for your organization. Nothing’s “soft” about a well-designed organization captained by effective leaders and operated by engaged employees.

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